Update on the road to Kona – hit by a car

Since we met in March at the Town Hall, I have been gradually building my swim, ride and run and am feeling stronger in all three disciplines, leading up to the Hawaii Ironman in October which looms large.

Throughout my triathlon career, I have been very fortunate to have not missed many training sessions due to injury, illness, or other incidents, and like to think I am relatively durable. But unfortunately one Saturday morning in May, as I was an hour into a 130km ride, I was hit by a car who didn’t give way to me on a roundabout on Beach Rd. He collected me side on without having a chance to brake so it was a substantial sort of hit. It was a pretty harrowing and scary experience, however a apart from a sore coccyx and fairly extensive bruising, I had a lucky escape as my bike took the full impact of the hit. I feel extremely lucky I didn’t suffer any more damage to my body as my bike was completely smashed up!! Fortunately I had my bike insured and have been able to source a brand new replacement bike. Not ideal 5 months out from the big day!!

To add to that a few weeks later I was ready to take on my first long 180km ride down to Sorrento on my new bike. On probably one of Melbourne’s windiest and wettest days, I was struck by cross winds and blown off my bike 80km into the ride when my wheels hit a wet white line on the road. What a way to christen it the new weapon!!! No serious injuries apart from grazing and bruises, so I got back on it and finished my ride as I needed to get back to Melbourne to get the kids off to a party!

So it’s been an eventful couple of months to date and my “Build” phase certainly has a new meaning to it!!
With 3 months until race day, I am taking the time to reflect on what I have achieved so far. We all face challenges in life whether that be professionally or personally, nothing comes easy. You can choose to give up or keep chipping away. My choice is to keep chipping away as I know this goal is worth all the challenges and setbacks, and as people say it’s more about the journey. More importantly, I am counting my blessings to have been given this opportunity of a life time.
Have a great day everyone.

Zoe will compete in the Sunshine Coast Half Ironman in approx. 9 weeks before she competes in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 13 weeks (Saturday 11th October)


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